January 15, 2014

Upcoming trip

Although it’s not till May I’m very looking forward to a trip to the UK this year. Given that all holidays I undertake are based mainly around where my next meal is coming from I thought I’d better start compiling a list of places I’d love to try in London:

Merchants Tavern – for the amazing looking ham & cheese toastie and cauliflower cheese croquettes posted by Hollow Legs.

Polpo – love the posh tapas, and I feel like me and The Salt Yard have seen too much of eachother in a previous life

Federation Coffee Brixton – this is likely the closest place to my lovely friend Carmen’s home that does a decent flat white. Reportedly run by Wellingtonians, I feel compelled to try it. Of course if it doesnt live up to my expectations I’ll be headed to Milkbar and/or Flat White.

My favourite street food – the legendary Rupert Street and Goodge Place Freebird Burritos.

Not forgetting that all important quest for the perfect burger- I may need to defer to a former colleague and burger expert on this one – however, I could also start with this list.

I’m only there for two weeks- so I reckon this is a great start. I’m also a bit tempted by a nice steak at The Hawksmoor, but given that I’m off to Paris for a week I reckon I’ll save myself for a bit of parisian fine dining.

August 8, 2013

4 times in one night

Stress dreams that is.

The first 2 were related to catching a plane (struggling to arrive on time)

The 3rd involved a visit to a friend’s house in which I brushed past a nasty plant whose spikes hooked themselves into my arm.

Dream 4 occurred as a continuation of 3. While my Mum was helping me remove the spikes, the doorbell rang. On answering it saw a tall man in a cap and a young boy. The man was waving a piece of paper on which I could see the following details:

Rights infringement notice…


….Titanium, David Guetta…

I realised immediately I was in deep shit and felt physically sick, I was either going to jail, being fined a million dollars or both..it wasn’t looking good.

Thankfully I woke up, it was just after 6am, I got up.

April 8, 2013

The Grape Ride

I did the Grape Ride! Hooray – 100km in 3 hours and 51 minutes.

At 51km in I believed I was golden, I’d just ridden over Queen Charlotte Drive – at speed and thought the worst was behind me. Sadly as I rounded the corner leaving Havelock I moved into a head wind and every single muscle in my body suddenly made its presence known. My cycle computer had goner dead about 10km previously but my iphone was displaying Strava so I knew exactly how far I had to go, but not how fast I was travelling. Worst 30km ever…

Having said that – it was really fun and I now have my eye on a slightly shorter ride for the spring, something to encourage me to keep up the training over winter.

Coming down the other side of Queen Charlotte Drive

Coming down the other side of Queen Charlotte Drive

January 16, 2013

Bike stuff

Next week my Vitus gets converted to single speed, which should be fun on the hills :)

In April I’ll be doing The Grape Ride which I’m now getting slightly anxious about. I’m reliably informed that it’s not the done thing to stop for lunch or coffee mid ride – which is worrying…

In the meantime I’ll be trying to ride 30km three times a week…as soon as the weather clears up…

December 12, 2012

Just wondering

If generation X were known as slackers and generation Y are known as entitled, what were the baby boomers? Rebels?


December 9, 2012

Pre race pic

Pre race pic

Me and my ‘little’ sister

December 7, 2012

Something new

It’s been an exhausting week, full of challenges I hadn’t anticipated. This is of course bound to coincide with a personal challenge. Although I’ve been cycling regularly for many years, I’ve never actually ridden in an event. This weekend I’m in a team triathlon, the first challenge: putting my beloved bike on a plane and hoping it emerges in Christchurch intact. The ride itself is on Sunday, wish me luck.

August 21, 2012

Gone but not forgotten

There’s clearly something really unifying about working at a place where you neither like nor respect the management. The fact that I still speak (well, tweet and the like) with a number of ex colleagues is a testament to how close we got in the almost two years I worked there. One of them has just direct messaged me to tell me he has finally quit, and I’m not only delighted he still thinks of me but also that he is excited enough about his new job to tell me about it. Bless.

August 11, 2012

You had me at ‘hand-cut chips cooked in duck fat’..

…but you lost me when I discovered the chips were not cooked long enough.

And so my Burger Wellington experience commences with a classic beef burger at The Tasting Room, Courtenay Place.

Named the Wagyu Wonder burger, the beef pattie was soft and juicy as well tasty. Billed as a bacon and cheeseburger on the menu I was pleased to see (and taste) the addition of sliced dill pickles. The chutney was delicious as  promiseImaged and the cheese a nice sharp cheddar. I appreciated that the chef had resisted any urge to insert a posher lettuce into the mix, but rather went with the traditional iceberg, as is only right for a traditional style cheese burger. The bun (in-arguably the least interesting factor) was just the right side of soft, managing to maintain a good deal of structural integrity down the second to last bite. In summary – a very tasty burger.

Which brings to me to chips, an element of extreme importance to me. I liked the chunky uniform appearance and I like a bit of a food tower, however why go to all that trouble but fail to cook them long enough? Out of the 6 chips served, only one was cooked properly, a terrible disappointment.

It’s hard to score the first burger with nothing to compare it to but overall I thought the burger was of a high standard, only being let down by the chips. Had the chips been successful I would have scored this a 7/10, as is – I’ve gone with 6.5/10


June 12, 2012


See my new wheels, contrary to reports it is not a soccer mum’s car, it is merely a car big enough to fit a lot of stuff in. Stuff like a bike, a tent, camping equipment, and all that good kinda stuff.



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